Expat service

- Opvang tijdelijke bereikbaarheid en mobiliteit
- Aansluitingen kabel etc.
- Verhuizing
- Inschrijving scholen
- Rondleiding omgeving
- Advisering/rondleiding winkels etc.
- Vertalen, begeleiding en advisering post etc.
- Regelen van abonnementen, lidmaatschappen sport etc.
- Oppas
- Onderbrengen familie
- Social/cultureel programma
- Vakantie service


        The solution for all your small domestic grieves


Your servant

Your guide

Your trouble shooter

Your personal assistant


It takes a lot of effort to manage your family with all the small domestic grieves and with hard working partners. Living abroad and finding your way in a foreign country and new environment takes an extra effort to reach stability and to achieve a good social life for you, your partner and children.


De Huisknecht supports you in making the start of your new life easier. We can provide extra movers, organizers and cleaners during moving and all kinds of special supplies to support your general settlement such as (temporarily) phones, transport service, bikes, telephones, cable for internet and television etc. We can offer you the same support of needs for your return/move home.


De Huisknecht helps you out with all kinds of in- and outdoor (gardening, window- and terrace cleaning) obligations. Whatever you need, we will support you and help you to find your way. We will help you not only in organizing and managing your household such as moving, babysitting, ironing, clothing repair and shopping, but also regarding holiday services, mail services, hospital visits, transport, parties, catering, communication etc.


You can also contact De Huisknecht to save time and work by finding simple information as telephone numbers, suppliers, tourist information etc. With a big network of reliable specialists, we will always find a way to help you out!


Subscription and monthly payment of 100 euro includes Intake and registration, 10% discount on most suppliers of specialized maintenance work in- and outdoors, free deliveries, special rates for other special needs and offers, upon request etc.


For further information please call 06 55706000 or e-mail


T 06 55 70 60 00